MH370: AMSA’s John Young in March 2014

Below is a copy of a press briefing conducted in late March 2014 by AMSA’s John Young and ATSB’s Martin Dolan. I had never listened to it before today. It actually tells us where MH370 is located, approximately. Unfortunately, political turf wars in Australia prevented it from ever being properly searched. 

Further refinements have been made to Australia’s AMSA’s initial work. We now know more precisely than previously where the plane is likely to be found. Still, it is enormously sad the early work AMSA did in locating the aircraft was not properly concluded. Both of the individuals shown in the video have now moved on from AMSA and ATSB, respectively.

There are extraneous sound effects in this video from the gentleman who recorded it. A bit annoying at times, but it’s the briefing that is important.


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