Dear Mr. President-Elect

You may recall that Malaysia Airline Flight MH370 disappeared shortly after takeoff from Kuala Lumpur Airport on March 8, 2014. It has never been found. Three Americans were aboard the flight: IMB’s Philip Wood, and two children. Official efforts to find the plane have been so poorly organized, managed, and executed that every speck of debris we have recovered to date has been recovered by ordinary citizens of various countries around the Equatorial South Indian Ocean basin. Those citizens, of course, have received no payment for their efforts, and did not want payment. They simply wanted to contribute to the effort to find the plane.

Meanwhile, official search managers claim to have spent $180 million USD sending sonar scanners into the same small hole far far from where all credible research indicates the plane is most likely resting: about 2,000 km west of Exmouth, Australia where prevailing currents would have carried debris to the Mascarene Islands. All debris found to date has been found in the Mascarenes or in locations that required it to pass through the Mascarenes.

Map shows where the plane likely crashed, +/- 300 km along the black dashed line. NOAA and Chillit research support this, as does Germany’s Geomar and others. The official search has remained stationary; frozen in bureaucratic paralysis.

Your help as President is critical to closing this horrific chapter in the lives of the loved ones who have received scant attention from the two nations that have bungled this search so thoroughly they will both be remembered for an eternity as the embodiment of Peter Sellers’ Inspector Clouseau.

There are growing accusations of “conspiracy”, but I firmly believe it is simply inept government at its most egregious.

Fortunately, our very own NOAA has just completed a drift analysis that concludes the plane crashed about 1,500 km west of Exmouth, Australia. My own work puts it 415 km farther west at exactly the same latitude. This is a minor difference that can be resolved easily between us.

Your first day in office will be extraordinarily busy. But if you have some time on the second day, PLEASE consider directing NTSB or whomever else you consider best, to immediately set about to resolve this horrible mess west of Australia in the vast South Indian Ocean.

Our three deceased citizens deserve this from us, as do all of the others who were aboard that flight.


Michael Chillit


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