MH370 Terror Claim

Below is the text of a claim of responsibility that was widely distributed to media on March 9, 2014, one day after MH370 vanished. The essence of the claim is that it was a response to ethnic repression in China and Malaysia. Most editors appear to have dismissed it. I do not know how widely it was published, if at all. I have no idea if it is authentic. It does not include information about how the tragedy was carried out. Only that the plane would never be found. So far, that claim is true. Was Malaysia warned of this in advance? Did it fail to take steps to prevent it? Is that why Malaysian Airlines staff went back to sleep when notified the plane was missing?

Lots of questions. No answers. I have corrected obvious misspellings, but have not changed any other text or sentence construction. It does not appear to have been written by someone who uses English every day, although it is hard to be certain of that. There are lots of clever people in the world.

Dismissed or not by authorities, there have been other plane accidents, tragedies, but no obvious indication this group has initiated similar responses. Is this why Australia has camped out in Penguinville and refuses to budge? Has it confirmed MH370 was a terror act and will not be found?

Declaration and Explanation about Malaysia Airlines MH370
Malaysia Airlines,
Malaysian government,
Chinese government,

I am going to deliver important information about the missing flight MH370. You all must be wondering: how a flight can suddenly be lost of contact, and lost without any trace afterwards? Now everybody is trying to search for the whereabouts of people on board and the airplane itself. But here I am going to announce: all your searching is going to be futile! All the people on board had kneed down and made their confession to Allah, no exception! If you want to search for them, the only way is to see Allah yourselves! Therefore I would like to give you the following suggestion: stop searching immediately and stop doing pointless things.

This is a political incident! There are two reasons why the MH370 incident happened: first of all, this is a revenge to Malaysian government. This is the revenge for the cruel persecution that Malaysian government did to me (Malaysian government should know exactly what it has done, please reflect yourself). The incident of MH370 is the revenge to Malaysian government. Secondly, there are many Chinese passengers on the flight. The reason for crashing this flight is the answer to the cruel repression and persecution which Chinese government has done to Uighur people. On March 1st, there was a uprising activity of Uighur warriors in Kunming, China. The cause of the uprising is Chinese government’s long-term cruel repression to and racial discrimination against Uighur people. But Chinese government shot them dead ruthlessly, including females. A female teenager was caught because of injury and now is undergoing torture! The incident of MH370 was the result of Kunming incident in China. This is a revenge to Chinese government. We are warning Chinese government: if you kill a single Uighur person, we will kill hundred Chinese people to compensate.

The two reasons explained that Malaysia Airlines MH370 incident is a pure political incident. Here I would like to declare that Malaysia Airlines takes no responsibility in this incident. The airplane has no technical problems and pilots made no fault operation. Malaysian government and Chinese government should take the responsibility of the happening of this incident, in which Chinese government should take 60% of the responsibility while Malaysian government should take 40% of it.

For the passengers with other nationalities (not Chinese nor Malaysian nationalities) on MH370 flight, I have to say sorry to and feel sorry for them. We also had hoped that only Chinese people were on board. But as you know, it is not possible. There are always passengers from other countries. But the number is limited, and this will not hurt their countries that much. Our main target is Chinese government and Malaysian government.

Since Chinese government should take the main responsibility of this incident, we suggest that Malaysian government make 40% compensation to the family members of victims while Chinese government pay for the rest 60%. Furthermore, Malaysian government can also ask for compensation from Chinese government, since Chinese government is the trouble-maker.

Last but not least, Chinese government should reflect its policy towards ethnic groups and human rights. Chinese government should immediately stop persecuting people of ethnic groups and immediately release the Uighur warriors who were captured in Kunming on March 1st. Otherwise MH370-like incidents will happen to Chinese people endlessly. To Malaysian government, I have to say that problem will never end! Malaysian government cannot compensate the resentment by a airplane and several dead bodies. This is a not a terror threat, but a description for the future. I have to say that Malaysia will have to face all kinds of incidents in the future. Of course, it does not have to be plane crash. To Chinese civilians, you should work together to stand up against Chinese government. You should not be the accomplice with the government! Otherwise, you are going to face more misfortune and more civilians will die in vain.

China Martyrs Brigades leader 9-3-2014


Here is a related note from Thailand’s The Nation published the following day, March 10, 2014 explaining how it came into a copy of it and why it did not publish it at the time.



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